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Sally Face Episode 1-4 PC Free ^NEW^ Download

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Sally Face Episode 1-4 PC Free Download

The basic storyline to episode five is that Ash and Neil, following the events of episode four, take it upon themselves to stop their local cult, The Devourers of God, who are responsible for the infection of the residents in Addison Appartments. (Which is why Sal had to kill them.) After the cult kidnaps Todd, Ash attempts to summon the ghost of Sal to help free their friends and end the cult. To do this, she must perform a ritual, which involves Sal going through a series of levels and solving some puzzles. Classic Sally Face stuff.

Players will take on the role of a character simply known as Sal. He wears a prosthetic face and blue pigtails, so it is apparent that the visual characteristics of this game are entirely unique. The user will then guide Sal through various adventures while helping him to become a better boy as he grows. One intriguing feature of Sally Face is that each level is represented as an episode; much like a television program. These levels will take approximately one hour to complete.

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