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Ámate a ti misma - Recurso terapéutico

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Ghost Mv1 Buy

Hi I just got the ghost mv1 I expected it to be better I honestly like my other older vapes better which are Zeus arc grand lynx gaia. Christian gave great customer service and parcel received at a good time I would recommend ordering from

ghost mv1 buy

Troy my favorite video of you was a day with the ghost mv1 after that I always take the mv1 out when I go to the mall not now there closed but thats all I use it for so maybe it will last for awhile sorry to see anyone go out of business but more sorry for those of us who paid top price and wont be able to buy parts even

One of us would rather use the Firefly 2+ because of the cumbersome process of using the MV1 crucibles while the other prefers to use the Ghost and crucible dispenser to swap bowls on the fly. The ghost is a bit more expensive, especially when you add in the accessories so if the Ghost is outside your price range you should definitely consider the Firefly 2+ 041b061a72

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