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How Finders Keepers: A Novel (The Bill Hodges Trilogy) Explores the Dark Side of Obsession

Finders Keepers: A Novel (The Bill Hodges Trilogy)

If you are looking for a thrilling crime novel that will keep you on the edge of your seat, you should check out Finders Keepers by Stephen King. This novel is the second volume in a trilogy that focuses on Detective Bill Hodges, following Mr. Mercedes. The novel is about the murder of reclusive writer John Rothstein, his missing notebooks, and the release of his killer from prison after 35 years.

Finders Keepers: A Novel (The Bill Hodges Trilogy)

In this article, we will give you a summary of Finders Keepers, its characters, its plot twists, and its themes. We will also tell you why you should read this novel and where you can download it in zip format.

Who is John Rothstein?

John Rothstein is a fictional author who is famous for his "Jimmy Gold Runner" trilogy, a series of novels that chronicle the life of a rebellious young man who rejects the American dream and becomes a radical activist. Rothstein is an amalgamation of John Updike, Philip Roth, and J.D. Salinger, three real-life authors who are known for their literary excellence and their reclusive lifestyles.

Rothstein has not published anything for decades, but he has been secretly writing dozens of notebooks that contain new novels and stories. He lives in a secluded farmhouse in New Hampshire, where he keeps his cash and his notebooks in a safe. He is admired by millions of readers, but he is also hated by some who feel betrayed by his work.

Why did Morris Bellamy kill him?

Morris Bellamy is one of those who hate Rothstein. He is a petty criminal who is obsessed with Rothstein and his character Jimmy Gold. He believes that Rothstein ruined Jimmy Gold by making him sell out and become a corporate executive in the last novel of the trilogy. He thinks that Rothstein has betrayed his fans and his own talent by hiding his notebooks and not sharing them with the world.

In 1978, Morris and two of his friends break into Rothstein's home and demand to know where he keeps his cash and his notebooks. They torture him until he gives them the combination to his safe, where they find a fortune of cash and a large amount of notebooks. Morris kills Rothstein and his friends, and takes everything with him. He plans to sell the notebooks to private collectors, but he also wants to read them first and see what happened to Jimmy Gold.

What did he do with the notebooks and the money?

Morris hides the cash and the notebooks in a trunk and buries them under a tree behind his estranged mother's house. He goes to see an old friend, Andy Halliday, who is also a fan of Rothstein, and shows him the notebooks. Andy is shocked by what Morris has done and tells him to stay away from him or he will call the police. Morris decides to wait until the turn of the century before selling the notebooks, hoping that they will be more valuable by then.

However, Morris never gets to read or sell the notebooks, because he gets arrested for raping a woman while he was drunk. He pleads guilty in hopes of getting a reduced sentence, but he gets life instead. He spends 35 years in prison, where he constantly thinks about Rothstein's notebooks and Jimmy Gold. He also learns that Andy Halliday has died in a car accident, leaving no one who knows about his secret stash.

Who is Pete Saubers?

Pete Saubers is a teenager who lives in Morris Bellamy's childhood home with his parents and his sister. His father was injured in the Mercedes Massacre, a terrorist attack perpetrated by Brady Hartsfield, the villain of Mr. Mercedes. His father lost his job and needs constant physiotherapy sessions, which puts a strain on their finances and their marriage.

In 2010, Pete finds the trunk with Rothstein's notebooks and money while playing in the backyard. He doesn't know who Rothstein is or what the notebooks are about, but he recognizes the value of the money. He decides to use it to help his family without telling them where it came from.

How did he become a fan of Rothstein?

Pete starts reading Rothstein's novels and becomes fascinated by them. He relates to Jimmy Gold and his struggles with society and authority. He also admires Rothstein's style and skill as a writer. He reads all three novels of the trilogy, and then moves on to the notebooks, where he discovers new stories and secrets about Jimmy Gold.

Pete becomes obsessed with Rothstein and his work, just like Morris did. He wants to know more about him and his life. He also wants to share his discovery with someone who would appreciate it, but he doesn't know anyone who likes Rothstein or even knows who he is.

What did he do with the notebooks and the money?

Pete uses the money to anonymously send checks to his parents every month, pretending that they are from an insurance company that owes them compensation for his father's injury. He also buys books for his sister, who loves reading as much as he does. He keeps the rest of the money in a safe place, hoping that it will last until his family gets back on their feet.

How did Bill Hodges get involved?

Bill Hodges is a retired detective who was the lead investigator of the Mercedes Massacre. He is also the protagonist of Mr. Mercedes and the founder of Finders Keepers, a private detective agency. He is hired by Rothstein's literary agent to find out what happened to his notebooks and money, which have never been recovered.

Bill Hodges starts looking into the case with the help of his partners, Holly Gibney and Jerome Robinson. They discover that Morris Bellamy was the prime suspect in Rothstein's murder, but he was never charged because he was in prison for another crime. They also learn that Morris has been paroled and is out of prison.

How did he find out about Morris Bellamy?

Bill Hodges tracks down Morris Bellamy's old friend, Andy Halliday, who is now dead. He finds his diary, where he wrote about Morris and his obsession with Rothstein. He also finds a letter that Morris sent him from prison, where he mentioned Rothstein's notebooks and money.

Bill Hodges realizes that Morris knows where the notebooks and money are, and that he is probably going to get them as soon as possible. He also suspects that Morris might have killed his accomplices and buried them somewhere. He decides to follow Morris and stop him before he does any more harm.

How did he find out about Pete Saubers?

Bill Hodges finds out about Pete Saubers by chance. He meets Pete's father, Tom Saubers, at a bookstore, where they both buy books by Rothstein. Tom tells him that his son is a big fan of Rothstein and that he has read all his novels and notebooks. Bill Hodges is intrigued by this and asks him how his son got the notebooks.

Tom tells him that Pete found them in a trunk under a tree in their backyard. He shows him one of the notebooks, which has Rothstein's signature on it. Bill Hodges recognizes it as one of the stolen notebooks and realizes that Pete has unwittingly found Morris Bellamy's treasure. He also realizes that Morris might come after Pete to get it back.

What happened at the end?

The novel reaches its climax when Morris Bellamy goes to Pete Saubers' house to retrieve his trunk. He finds Pete there and holds him at gunpoint, demanding to know where the notebooks and money are. Pete tells him that he has spent most of the money and that he has hidden the notebooks in a locker at his school.

Morris forces Pete to go with him to the school to get the notebooks. On the way, they are followed by Bill Hodges and his partners, who have been alerted by Pete's sister. They arrive at the school just as Morris and Pete are entering the locker room.

Who survived?

A violent confrontation ensues between Morris Bellamy, Pete Saubers, and Bill Hodges and his partners. Morris shoots Bill Hodges in the shoulder, but Bill manages to shoot back and wound Morris in the leg. Holly Gibney arrives and shoots Morris in the head, killing him instantly.

Pete Saubers is unharmed, but he is traumatized by the ordeal. He hugs Bill Hodges and thanks him for saving his life. Bill Hodges is taken to a hospital, where he recovers from his injury. He tells Pete that he is proud of him and that he should keep reading Rothstein's novels.

What happened to the notebooks and the money?

The notebooks and the money are recovered by the police and returned to Rothstein's literary agent. The agent decides to publish some of the notebooks as new novels by Rothstein, which become bestsellers. He also gives some of the money to Pete Saubers and his family as a reward for finding them.

Pete Saubers keeps one of the notebooks as a souvenir and a reminder of his adventure. He also decides to pursue his dream of becoming a writer himself, inspired by Rothstein and Jimmy Gold. He writes a novel based on his own experience, which he titles Finders Keepers.

Why should you read Finders Keepers?

Finders Keepers is a great novel for fans of crime fiction and Stephen King. It is a fast-paced, suspenseful, and engaging story that explores the themes of obsession, justice, and redemption. It also features some of King's most memorable characters, such as Bill Hodges, Holly Gibney, and Jerome Robinson.

If you like novels that combine mystery, action, and drama, you will love Finders Keepers. It is a novel that will keep you hooked from the first page to the last. It is also a novel that will make you think about the power of literature and the consequences of fanaticism.

What are the main themes?

One of the main themes of Finders Keepers is obsession. The novel shows how obsession can drive people to do terrible things, such as murder, theft, and violence. It also shows how obsession can blind people to reality and make them lose sight of what is important in life.

Another theme of Finders Keepers is justice. The novel explores the concept of justice and how it can be achieved in different ways. It also questions the morality of vigilante justice and whether it is justified or not.

A third theme of Finders Keepers is redemption. The novel depicts how redemption can be possible for some characters who have done wrong or suffered in the past. It also illustrates how redemption can be achieved through forgiveness, courage, and love.

What are some other novels by Stephen King?

If you enjoyed Finders Keepers, you might want to read some other novels by Stephen King that are similar or part of the same trilogy. Here are some suggestions:

  • Mr. Mercedes: The first novel in the Bill Hodges trilogy, which introduces the characters and the Mercedes Massacre case.

  • End of Watch: The third and final novel in the Bill Hodges trilogy, which concludes the story and brings back Brady Hartsfield as a new threat.

  • The Outsider: A standalone novel that features Holly Gibney as one of the main characters and involves a supernatural mystery.

  • The Institute: A standalone novel that follows a group of children with psychic abilities who are kidnapped by a secret organization.

  • The Shining: A classic novel that tells the story of a family that moves into a haunted hotel and faces a terrifying evil.


Finders Keepers is a novel that will appeal to anyone who loves crime fiction and Stephen King. It is a novel that will keep you entertained, intrigued, and surprised until the end. It is also a novel that will make you appreciate the power of literature and the passion of readers.

If you want to read Finders Keepers, you can download it in zip format from this link: You can also buy it in paperback or ebook format from your favorite bookstore or online retailer.

We hope you enjoyed this article and found it useful. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to leave them below. Thank you for reading!


  • Q: Is Finders Keepers based on a true story?A: No, Finders Keepers is a fictional story that was created by Stephen King. However, some elements of the story are inspired by real-life events or people, such as the reclusive writers John Updike, Philip Roth, and J.D. Salinger.

  • Q: Do I need to read Mr. Mercedes before reading Finders Keepers?A: No, Finders Keepers can be read as a standalone novel without reading Mr. Mercedes first. However, reading Mr. Mercedes will give you more background information on the characters and the Mercedes Massacre case.

  • Q: What is Jimmy Gold Runner?A: Jimmy Gold Runner is the name of the protagonist of John Rothstein's trilogy of novels. He is a young man who rebels against society and becomes an activist. He is also Morris Bellamy's idol and obsession.

  • Q: Who is Brady Hartsfield?A: Brady Hartsfield is the villain of Mr. Mercedes and End of Watch. He is a psychopath who drove a stolen Mercedes into a crowd of people, killing eight and injuring many more. He is also Bill Hodges' nemesis and archenemy.

  • A: Finders Keepers is the name of the private detective agency that Bill Hodges founded with his partners, Holly Gibney and Jerome Robinson. They specialize in solving cold cases and helping people who are in trouble.


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