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Show Id To Buy Ammo

Here's how it's supposed to work: To buy ammunition, you have to prove you are legally allowed to possess guns and ammunition. The "instant" background check is based on the California Department of Justice having a record of the ammo buyer having passed a background check to buy a gun.

show id to buy ammo

For five out of six Californians, the process goes smoothly: They show their California driver's license or military ID, pay a dollar for a background check, wait a few minutes, pay for their ammo, then walk out of the store with their ammo. Those who have never been background-checked to buy a gun in California can pay $19 for a one-time, not-instant background check, and come back to the store in a few days and buy their ammunition.

The only place background checks aren't required by law is shooting ranges, but ranges can skip the background check only if the ammo you purchase is used in its entirety at the range that day - you can't take any home. Some ranges may choose to require background checks anyway to avoid risk.

Want to get around this law by stocking up on ammo in another state? Well, you can buy ammunition out of state, but to bring it into California, you first have to ship it to a licensed California ammunition vendor so they can perform a background check and hand your ammo back to you. The law does not limit the fee the vendor can charge for this service.

Two common misconceptions about the law: that it limits how many rounds you can buy (not true), and that you can buy ammo only in the gauge or caliber of firearms you have registered with the state (not true). There are no limits on rounds or gauge/caliber.

Note: Though this system uses records of past gun purchases, it does so just to show you cleared a background check. There is no requirement for the ammunition you purchase to match the gauge or caliber of firearm(s) listed in your AFS records.

At the same time, if you buy ammunition in California and go shooting in Nevada, be sure to carry your receipt that proves it was purchased in California! The only thing worse that getting busted with illegally purchased ammo is not being able to prove you legally bought ammo you are carrying back into California.

Shipping to your door from Lucky Gunner is fast to New Mexico. We'll have the rounds in the hands of FedEx or UPS the same day you order if you place your order by 3 p.m. (Eastern time). Expect your ammo to get to your door between 4-5 days from when you place your order!

As Dean Adamski checks his shelves of ammunition for sale at his DD's Ranch firearms store in Alden, he is well aware of some customer frustration since the state of New York is now requiring him under the new law to record information about any ammo purchases. That includes not just the customer's name, address, date of birth, and type and quantity of ammunition, but also their occupation.

"People question, like, why do you need my driver's license for ammo?" Adamski said. "I'm 70 years old, and why are you taking all this information? So, I mean, people are apprehensive about it. I mean, most people understand it. You know it's not me, it's the state. But you know there are some people that are just they don't know why, it's so absurd to them."

"Any ammunition including anything, shotgun, yeah the same process," Adamski said. "You got to take all the information down. How much ammo they bought, what they bought, caliber, gauge. Whatever it is, all the information has to be taken, no matter if its shotgun, rifle, anything."

"Hunting season comes up, you know people are going to have to deal with the current rules if they want their ammo. We have to take their information. What scares me more is hunting season next year, there's a background check system," Adamski said.

State efforts to levy taxes on bullets have also sputtered, even with Democrat-led legislatures. An effort in New York that would have raised ammo taxes by just a few cents stalled last session, and California lawmakers rejected an 11 percent excise tax on bullets in both 2021 and 2022.

Aside from having to be 21 years of age to legally purchase or consume alcohol, individuals have to show I.D. to purchase the aforementioned Sudafed and other types of prescription and over-the-counter medicines that contain the ingredient pseudoephedrine, commonly used to make methamphetamine, according to the FDA.

"I can buy 10,000 rounds of ammo, but EVERY FLIPPING MONTH I have to get my ADHD prescription renewed by appt with a doctor because it's a federally controlled substance," one Twitter user replied to the thread. "OH! And if I lose the bottle I'm SOL for 30 days."

Can you buy ammo online? Of course you can! Buying ammo online is something some people avoid because they are not familiar with the ammunition laws in their area. However, as long as you known the laws in your jurisdiction, buying ammo online can be a great way to buy hard to find ammunition at great prices. The next time you find yourself asking "Can I buy ammo online?", simply check this page for information on federal, state and local laws on shipping ammunition while ordering online.

Ready to buy ammunition online? If you already know your local ammo laws you can go directly to our ammunition store. If not, please review our Shipping & Returns, Frequently Asked Questions, this page, and agree to the Terms and Conditions at checkout to buy online from Ammunition Store! Only residents in the restricted areas below will need to send the required credentials via fax or e-mail before our products can be shipped. For more information on guns and ammunition laws in your state, visit the NRA-ILA state laws page.

Buying ammo online with us is an extremely easy process that can save you money on the ammo you need. We do have a few tips to make buying your ammunition online as simple as possible, and also to guarantee that every customer is completely satisfied with their purchase with us.

A lot of people avoid buying ammo online because they don't realize how easy it is to buy online. Either that or maybe they are just old school and don't know how to use a computer. The truth is though, that when you buy ammo online you save yourself time and money. Here's why:

Defenses are very fact-specific to the case. The prosecution has the burden to prove guilt beyond a reasonable doubt, so the defense attorney would try to show that the government has insufficient evidence to sustain a conviction. Nevada does not mandate ammunition sellers to maintain a record of their purchases. So depending on the case, there may be no paper trail tying an ammo seller to an alleged purchaser of armor-piercing bullets.

In the months leading up to 2019, when the ammo laws were about to go into effect, many online retailers stopped selling to California residents, regardless of whether the ammo would be sent to an FFL.

With Assembly Bill 173 if I buy ammo in CA my personal information will be sent to the California Department of Justice and kept for a minimum of 25 years and also sent to the University of California to study if I am a violent person!!! I only duck hunt.

So I ordered ammo from a popular outdoors site, and sent it to my sister as a "gift" in another state, and had her send me the box as a "gift" to me, but someone stole the ammo out of the box, and I cannot file a claim to get it replaced. So FYI. You can do it, but you may get an empty box. I am currently crying to the outdoors website and hoping that they replace it. Yeah, good luck with that.

Why haven't anyone started an AMMO BUYING CLUB?Basically, it is a non-profit organization, which is an Authorized Ammo Vendor or 03 FFL.You join the CLUB just like you join a gun club, the boy scouts or your neighborhood knitting group.The CLUB operate out of a home or community center and accepts ammo deliveries from online stores and non-CA vendors, then provide Face-to-Face transactions to members picking ammo up just like your gun store or ammo dealer would. The difference being that employees of the CLUB are volunteer officer(s) of the club and the service is FREE (minus the $1 eligibility check fee paid to the DOJ). The CLUB also organizes periodic group buys in the tens of thousands of rounds to be shared by its members so they have access to cheap ammo.

Doing so with an 03FFL would be illegal. Otherwise, that's basically just an ammo vendor but run not-for-profit. You wouldn't be able to get a 501(C)3 for it though, but you could run it like a co-op. Think of it as socialized ammunition.

I just tried to buy reloading bullets from DRT.....JUST BULLETS, not loaded ammo. They won't sell to me without fulfilling the loaded ammo requirements. I cancelled the order...100 bullets... that I can buy, and walk away with, here on The PRK.

Thanks for the informative update(s). I had to purchase a firearm (since I hadn't in 20+ years) just to be able to purchase ammo without hassle. The gun I got (to be legal to sell in the Republic of Ca.) has grip and trigger locks that have to be simultaneously operated, this gun is MORE dangerous than anything I own, but at least I can take my CCW class with it :-).

Is it really that big a deal to pass a background check and pay $1 to keep a lot of ammo out of the wrong hands? We need to stop worrying about regulations that keep guns and ammo out of bad guys hands and focus on restrictions that keep law abiding people from getting what they want. I want the ability to buy whatever I want, and I don't have a problem showing I'm not a felon or mentally incompetent to get it.

Do you think having to pass a background check is going to keep ammo out of the hands of criminals? Or will they just find another way to get it? Meanwhile here in Cali we're expected to patiently wait like good little law abiding citizens... that doesn't bother you?

The administrative stay is still in place for at least another few days, so there should be some kind of change soon -- but CA state did ask for a continuance, but it hasn't been granted yet. You can still order ammo online, but it needs to be sent to an FFL still. 041b061a72

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